About company

Handlog Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. specialization is trading in salt products, aggregates and road materials. Transport and freight forwarding is the second profile of our company.

We deliver, among others, road, table, industrial and feed salt, calcium as well as magnesium chlorides, salt tablets, aggregates of various fractions and mineral-asphalt mixture in cold state. We organize national and international transport, and guarantee the highest, retriable quality of products, as well as timeous and secure delivery.

You can rely on us

Timely deliveries
Thanks to our long-term experience, we are able to ensure a professional and timely delivery of orders and continuity of deliveries
Qualified sales staff, experienced forwarders and logisticians take care of the highest quality of products and services.
Continuous inspection of the products, high policies and modern roll-stock with GPS navigation ensure the peace of mind - ours and our customers.

Our assets

Competitive, dedicated offer
Broad range of products and services
Reliable logistics solutions
Experienced forwarding agents and logistics specialist
Modern fleet of delivery vehicles
Secure and timeous delivery

Sale of salt, aggregates and road materials

We run wholesale and retail trade in salt and salt products, chlorides for winter roads and pavements maintenance, aggregates, road materials and fuelwood.

All products are distinctive of their highest, retriable parameters and come from reliable manufacturers that have been cooperating with us for many years. We offer transport of cargo to client with our own delivery fleet.

Product catalogue

Road salt and sand

Road salt

  • in bulk
  • in sacks 5 kg and 25 kg
  • big bag 1000 kg
  • in buckets 10 kg
  • in saltcellar 3 kg and 5 kg

Sand-salt mixture

  • in bulk
  • in sacks 25 kg
  • big bag 1000 kg 

Sand for winter roads maintenance


Chlorides for winter roads maintenance

Calcium chloride
Magnesium chloride

  • in sacks 25 kg
  • big bag 1000 kg

Salt products

Salt tablet 
Evaporated table salt
Evaporated industrial salt
Feed salt 
Bath salt 
Curing salt 

  • 0,35%-0,45%
  • 0,5%-0,6%,
  • 0,8%-0,9%
  • in sacks 25 kg


Salt granulate

  • in sacks 25 kg
  • cardboard box 2 kg

Salt lick

  • BASIC salt lick
  • BASIC PLUS salt lick
  • MAX salt lick
  • packet 10 kg

Aggregates and road materials

Mineral-asphalt mixture in cold state

  • in sacks 25 kg


  • Well-graded
  • Poorly graded
  • Well-graded with increased content of dust/clay fraction

Metallurgical aggregates

  • Seasoned
  • Unseasoned


  • Different fractions to choose from

Decorative aggregates

To be completed


Firewood (various types)

  • pallet 1 cubic meter
  • pallet 1,5 cubic meter

Wood pellet (6 mm)

  • packet 15 kg
  • packet 1005 kg

Wood briquette (RUF)

  • packet 10 kg
  • packet 1000 kg

Transport and freight forwarding

We offer comprehensive services in transport and freight forwarding. We have a wide range of vehicles ranging from 1 to 25 tons of loading capacity as well as specialized semitrailers.

We cover routes across Western Europe, Scandinavia and the British Isles. At the request of the client, we can also transport cargo to/from countries of Eastern Europe. We assist you with the formalities during customs clearance.

Transport modes


  • To 3.5t truck


  • Pallet up to 1,000 kg

Full trackload

  • Side curtain / Tarpaulin
  • Dump truck
  • Refrigerated trailer


  • WF
  • Silo tanker
  • Food cistern
  • Abnormal